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We specialize in helping accounting businesses attract high quality leads at industry-low prices.

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From Being Unfamiliar to Your Business to Becoming a Paying Customer.

The first step in converting a new person into your customer is to make them aware of your existence. We achieve this by conducting advanced keyword research and targeting the relevant individuals. Subsequently, we present them with a highly converting advertisement crafted with intriguing copywriting, compelling the customer to click on the ad. Upon clicking, the customer lands on your website, which we can also assist in optimizing to ensure it contains compelling content and information that prompts the visitor to provide their contact information via a form.

Once this occurs, you receive a notification via Slack channel and email containing all the details about the warm lead. Additionally, the lead is automatically added to a CRM system that we have built for you.

From this point, it's up to you to reach out to the warm lead and close the deal. Congratulations, you now have a new, satisfied paying customer!

Meet The Team

Jacob Thyssen

Jacob Thyssen

Jacob has worked with Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and Meta Ads for more than 2 years and has spent more than $6,000,000 in ad spend for clients.

Johannes Christiansen

Johannes Christiansen

Performance Marketer
Johannes has worked with E-Mail Marketing and Copywriting for more than 2 years. He is a master in creating interesting and intriguing copies

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